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Health Topics – A Hugely Popular Subject

Health and fitness is a burgeoning market as more and more of us become more and more interested in living healthier lives and improving our fitness levels. The Internet especially now abounds with websites, blogs, articles, fact sheets and products about health topics. If you type the term ‘health topics’ into your Google search bar, you get a staggering 902,000,000 results! Clearly therefore you can pick just about any health topic that interests you and you’ll find a ton of information just waiting for you to come along and read it!

How Reputable Is The Site?

Some of this information has been generated by authority sites and government health agency sites. The information has invariably been written by health care professionals, researchers and experts and is generally unbiased and factual. Whereas, other sites are clearly promotional sites for a particular health related product or products. The information provided is more intended to persuade visitors to the site to buy whatever product/s are being sold and may or may not be strictly truthful or unbiased. Be very wary of the information and advice provided by these types of sites!

Then there are sites that sit somewhere in between. These sites exist to sell health related products but the site owners also have a genuine interest in providing unbiased, factual advice and information for visitors. And of course there is also Wikipedia!

Online Health Topics Covered

The US National Library of Medicine website lists over 1000 different health topics in the following categories:

Body Location/Systems

  • Blood, Heart and Circulation
  • Bones, Joints and Muscles
  • Brain and Nerves
  • Digestive System
  • Ear, Nose and Throat
  • Endocrine System
  • Eyes and Vision
  • Immune System
  • Kidneys and Urinary System
  • Lungs and Breathing
  • Mouth and Teeth
  • Skin, Hair and Nails
  • Female Reproductive System
  • Male Reproductive System

Disorders and Conditions

  • Cancers
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Genetics/Birth Defects
  • Infections
  • Injuries and Wounds
  • Mental Health and Behavior
  • Metabolic Problems
  • Poisoning, Toxicology, Environmental Health
  • Pregnancy and Reproduction
  • Substance Abuse Problems

Diagnosis and Therapy

  • Complementary and Alternative Therapies
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Drug Therapy
  • Surgery and Rehabilitation
  • Symptoms
  • Transplantation and Donation

Demographic Groups

  • Children and Teenagers
  • Men
  • Population Groups
  • Seniors
  • Women

Health and Wellness

  • Disasters
  • Fitness and Exercise
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Health System
  • Personal Health Issues
  • Safety Issues
  • Sexual Health Issues
  • Social/Family Issues
  • Wellness and Lifestyle

That pretty much takes care of all the primary categories of health topics!

Learning About Other Types Of Health Topics

In addition to all the above topics, there are also many other health related topics. Whilst sites like the aforementioned one may touch on them as part of a broader topic, there are also many sites dedicated to these specific topics. Organics, muscle and bodybuilding, weight loss, weight gain, workouts, vitamin and minerals, skin care, anti aging, cosmetic surgery and so on are just a few of these.

Planet Supplement is one site that provides unbiased, factual information on a wide range of health topics. If you’d like more information about topics like Aspirin and it’s development, are interested in learning about ways to find relief from arthritis pain and suffering, or would like to know about the types of parasitic infestations that require immediate treatment, you’ll find articles like these and plenty more on their Health and Fitness blog.

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